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Kshoonya Company

Journey of Kshoonya

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While Kshoonya might be in its nascent stage, the experience of those behind it is not. With a team of extremely qualified engineers, researchers & advisors on board, the (delete redundant) company is propelling forward at bullet speed. Come with us as we give you a sneak peek into our inner workings!

Kshoonya is revolutionizing the field of artificial intelligence. By utilizing cutting-edge technology and innovative designs, Kshoonya is creating projects with the potential to greatly enhance the lives of people everywhere, especially of those with physical limitations.

We deeply believe that every single one of us deserves the same opportunities, irrespective of our location, financial means, and technological skills.

People with blindness have the same potential to thrive. Why aren’t more thriving?

Below is a brief summary of our journey as we turn that dream into reality.

Our dream of using cutting-edge technology to make the world a more equitable place began in 2023. In January, celebrating the new year, the founders began their secondary research into the world of technology, accessibility, and wearable products.

As our knowledge and commitment deepened, we added a highly accomplished professor from the University of South Florida to our advisory board. His interest in our work gave us the first validation from the industry.

As our research continued, we became increasingly convinced that access to assistive technology was insufficient. Our belief was that access should be a universal right, not dictated by our financial means, location, or anything else. However, as researchers, we needed hard evidence that the problem is truly as widespread as we perceived. That led to a primary survey for the community we have in mind.

In March 2023, we increased our team from 2 to 4, adding industry experts to the team, along with onboarding a highly successful advisor.

On the research front, with our primary survey concluded and analyzed, we had hard proof that over 80% of our target audience of disabled individuals was struggling with the problem of independent mobility. While it strengthened our resolve, the scope of inaccessibility issues also dismayed us.

We are determined to bring our idea to reality to increase access in our society and restore some of the independence to disabled individuals that our inaccessible world has stolen.

Stay tuned to know what happens next!

Development Stage



Project funding for our technology is an important part of the development process. We are currently in Phase 1 of the project, looking for funding and developing a prototype. We are seeking investors and sponsors who are interested in helping us bring this technology to fruition. We have already completed some preliminary research and development, and we are now ready to take the next step in creating a working prototype. Our goal is to create a product that will revolutionize the technology.



Coming soon



coming soon