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Kshoonya Company Name

Access – Right,
not a privilege

Vision band picture which is wore on legs/ankle

Our Values

Learn more about us
User-Led Solutions
All our designs are user-POV led
Access should be easy
As easy as wearing a watch
Access is for everyone
Leveraging latest tech
We deserve the benefits of latest technology
Intelligent Solutions
Evolving with user needs
Shifting towards haptics
Let’s not sacrifice our sense of sound anymore

Our Mission

Dedicate efforts towards adding limitless value to everyday lives of the masses. Through Kshoonya, we want to create technologies & products that fill the gaps in lives of people who have the potential & means, but lack the tools. Learn more about our mission

Vision Band

Our flagship product
Symbol for Statement
Keep your hands free for more important things. Wearable bands which go around the ankles. Extremely comfortable and easy to use. You will forget it’s even there! Wearable, comfortable and easy to use Product design
Symbol for Statement
Get all the information required to make walking related decisions, Not just obstacle detection, but recognition. Not just outdoor, but indoor navigation. All the critical information is sensed and shared Comprehensive solution
symbol for statement
You can choose haptics to be the primary feedback system. We know how precious our sense of sound is and would rather be used to be present in the moment. Enhancing the senses, rather than restricting them Haptic + Audio feedback

Features and Benefits

Picture is of a young woman walking toward right of the frame. Image is from her right side at an angle. She is midstride and looking downwards. She has long straight black hair worn in a high ponytail. Looking athletic in her Yellow halter top, black calf length slacks & colourful sport shoes. She is wearing big dark glasses. She is walking on the street, with a blurred background of trees in the distance, parallel to the road.


Breaking barriers and fostering inclusivity by designing user-friendly technology that adapts to the diverse needs of individuals.


Enabling independence and boosting confidence by providing cutting-edge solutions that amplify the capabilities of community members and people with disabilities.


Pioneering transformative technologies that reimagine everyday life, driving positive change and enhancing the experiences of individuals across the spectrum.


Embrace a design philosophy that caters to diverse needs, promoting a sense of belonging for all. Our cutting-edge technology prioritizes inclusivity, enriching the lives of community members and disabled people alike..

Possibilities are endless

Kshoonya is creating projects with the potential to greatly enhance the lives of people everywhere. Learn more about our projects and how we are changing the game in AI today!
The image is of a young woman wearing white top & heavy dark glasses. The image shows her partially from middle of her dark glasses to upper chest. Take from front of the person, the girl is reaching out her hands in the air, as if searching for something she cant see. Her left hand is completely stretched out and close to the camera lens, while her right hand is still near her right shoulder. She has long dark wavy hair and is looking slightly upwards.

Discover the Process

Unveiling the Journey from Concept to Reality


Embodies the process of generating, developing, and communicating innovative ideas


Effective solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of individuals, communities, and industries


Planning, expertise, and dedication converge to bring forth tangible results that address challenges and improve lives


Ensuring that they effectively fulfill their purpose and add value to their intended audience
the image shows front profile of a young woman who is looking straight at the camera. Her torso is visible, unto the belt of her blue pants. She is standing against a yellow backgrounded shrugging with her hands bent at the elbow and palms facing up at shoulder level and close to it. She is wearing a question expression on her face and a yellow high neck, full sleeved top on her torso. Her hair are straight, brown and fall under her shoulder with middle parting. Her eyes seem to be going in operate directions.
WHYWhat inspired us?While the tech industry moves towards unimaginable & invaluable solutions, there are still billions of people around the world unable to access something as basic as independent mobility.
the image shows a pair or dark shoes in dark background, taken diagonally from left of the pair. Shoes from ground level, the pair has metallic parts & straps, giving it a robotic look.
WHATWhat do we want?We want to employ the boundless potential of technology to improve lives. Building AI-based innovative & revolutionary solutions in the form of wearable devices which have the capacity to learn, evolve & guide.
the cartoon shows full profile of 6 individuals from front. They are all laughing and smiling. The group is a mixture of genders, heights and complexions.
HOWHow YOU can contribute?By writing to us at [email protected] if you want to share your time & expertise, and reaching out via [email protected] if you’d like to fund the project or have any suggestions for us!

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